Glorious Model O / O- Product Review (My favorite mouse!)

Glorious Model O / O- Product Review (My favorite mouse!)

Glorious model o mice lineup
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The Glorious PC Gaming Race brand has been one of my favorites recently. I currently own the Glorious Model O (Matte Black) & the Glorious Model O- (Matte White). The key difference between the 2 is size. The Model O- is much smaller but its my personal favorite. It is honestly the lightest and best looking mouse I have EVER used. The perfect mice for your favorite FPS titles such as CSGO, Fortnite, Apex Legends or Hyper Scape! I’ll let you in on what makes it SO great in my honest opinion! (Not a sponsored post)

If you are interested in the product, click HERE or the direct amazon link below!

What made you want to try this product ?

I am an avid FPS gamer. With that being said, I really wanted an extremely light mouse that would mold to my hand and feel good. I, like everyone else, really wanted to get my hands on a Final Mouse. They were boasted to be the LIGHTEST mouse and most accurate…blah blah blah.

I remember seeing this mouse for literally half the price, the awesome design and still was just as light. It was honestly a dream come true, so I ordered one off amazon that same day. I’ve been nothing but satisfied.

What are the different mice options?

They currently have a few different options in regards to the Model O lineup.

The Model O and the Model O- both respectively come in 4 variations which are Matte Black, Matte White, Glossy Black & Glossy White.

What is the Glorious Model O weight ?

Below is a chart that will list some key features such as size and weight of both products

Information taken directly from
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Information taken directly from

Which mouse should you get?

The standard Model O is a normal sized mouse for big or average sized hands. If you have big hands or like bigger mice this would be my recommendation.

The Model O- (my current go to) is a lot smaller and lighter. If you have small hands or like smaller mice this would be my recommendation.

If you are someone that gets sweaty hands while gaming DO NOT get the Glossy version of either mouse because your hand WILL slip off mid game. I use the Matte finishes because my hands get a bit sweaty.

What were your likes/dislikes ?


  • Extremely lightweight (67 grams+) or (58grams+ on the model o-)
  • Honeycomb shell (honestly i just think this looks awesome)
  • Very comfortable and doesn’t hurt my hand after hours of gaming
  • The matte finish really helped me since I get sweaty hands
  • G skates on the bottom cause extra smooth movement
  • The Glorious PC software is SO easy to use


  • The glossy versions cause my hands to slip off (more of a me problem)
  • Wired. (I really like wireless mice but again more of a me problem)


I am new to reviewing products, I did my best to just explain from my point of view. If you wanted specific specs you can check the product description anywhere for that. My job here was to deliver a personal opinion without spewing out unnecessary information at you! If there is more you would like to know, or you have future advice, please LET ME KNOW!

This is and will continue to be my main mouse. I use these mice daily and alternate. I have many other mice I’ve used and still like but none seem to compare. I am always looking for new mice to try out and adapt to! If you have any suggestions on what I should try next PLEASE let me know! I also have other peripherals I plan to post my opinions on as well!

If you are interested in the product click HERE or the direct amazon link below!

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