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Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Notes Review

In this post I will give you my Apex Legends Season 6 Patch Notes Review. I will cover the important areas of the patch notes in my own words! Check out the official patch notes on the EA website. Share the post if you enjoy and leave a comment on your thoughts of the new…
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Let’s Talk Apex Legends #1 – Caustic is SO Good S5

Caustic is actually AMAZING in Season 5. His ability to hold buildings in early to mid game and his late game presence make him a THREAT! He shuts down other more meta legends such as Crypto and Revenant! Let’s talk about it. What is “Let’s Talk Apex Legends” ? Let’s talk apex legends is basically…
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Now I assume since you’ve stumbled onto this page, that can only mean that you want to rank up or rather rank up fast on Apex Legends. I am happy to tell you, through this post you will find all the information and things I’ve kept in mind on my journey to predator. The past…
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